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Effects of social media on teenagers

The usage of social media is increasing day by day in our society. It has now become something we can not do without; due to its contributions to socialisation.

In fact, it is now becoming so solid that you can not have a successful business without the using it. Many entrepreneur find their ways to the top through these means.

Not only does it contribute to the growth in our society. It also brings and connect people together. Many people develop and make use of new ideas by this means; which they can never imagine doing, if not for social media.

Social media has a lot of positive effects in our society. But for the fact that; it is use for connecting people together all over the world, people are now misusing it, which has now makes it to have a lot of negative effects; especially on our teenagers.

Positive effects of social media on teenagers

Source of inspiration

To teenagers, it is a source of inspiration. When you see someone that is doing something you desire to do and getting a good result. You will be inspired to go for it. With social media, you will even be able to chat with the person and ask them questions about their life.

You can interact and connect with different people and know their believes about something. And this will help you to move forward in whatever you are doing.

Improve communication skills

By chatting and interacting with different kind of people on social media; teenagers are no longer find it difficult to express themselves in words or action to anyone they come across with. Unlike before when people from other tribes, countries or nations seem like strangers or people that we can not understand to us; social media has made it easy for us to understand and be able to associate with everybody.

Increase knowledge

Teenagers are now becoming wiser and gaining more knowledge; which has even made their level of thinking equal with that of an adult. As a form of communication, teenagers are getting to learn from adults; and without caring about their age, they are also sharing and spreading whatever knowledge that gain on their own side.

Social media has also help teenagers with their education; as it is easy for them to ask any questions that seems difficult for them, from their online friends.

Social media builds teenagers confidence

When you find yourself interacting with people that are older than you, people that in higher position than you; and they are not ignoring you or look than on you. You will be confidence in whatever you are doing even out of social media.

The positive effects of it are uncountable, yet I can strongly say its doing more harm than good. Let’s look at the negative effects to support the motion.

Effects of social media on teenagers

Negative effects od social media on teenagers

Social media its good for teenagers; if they are not addicted to it. And one of the negative effects of it is that; it is addictive. If you are someone that easily get carried away with something; you will easily be addicted to it.

Sleep deprivation

Many teenagers are having sleepless night because of too much time they are spending online. Their mind always be there; thinking of posting, chatting with different people and check on their friends online.


Youth are now isolating themselves because of social media. They spend their times on it and doesn’t care about people around them, because they are getting all the satisfaction they want from their neighbor on it. Interaction, information,jokes,advice and many others; that they could expect from their neighbours have been getting on the internet.

Social media addiction

As I said earlier, one can easily get addicted to the internet; which is very dangerous for our teenagers; it will affect their education. Addiction is not what one can cope with because it will cause distraction, and any other necessary things may seem boring to them, as long as it is not on social media.

Lack of concentration

When social media is always on your mind, you will have a load of messages to replied to, you will want to make new friends, post and interact with different people; with all this waiting for you, you will not be able to concentrate on any other things you are doing away from that. This has cause set back for many teenagers on their education.

Lower self esteem

When you are spending too much time on social media, you will not have time to interact with people around you; you will be seeing yourself in a level you are not, because of the type of people you are connecting with on the internet. This can give one a lower self esteem because many people are not who they proof to be on the internet in the real life; and by wanted to be like them, you will be seeing yourself lacking behind.

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