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Having an intelligent and smart child is the dream of every parents. That look on our faces when any of our children do something amazing in a smart ways, makes me understand how much we desire an intelligent child.

Although, many children inherit intelligent from their parents, but not all. We should all know that some children, no matter how smart and intelligent their parents may appear to be, they will not be smart, and these cause a lot of concern for many parents.

Every parents always single out and love any of their children that appear to be more intelligent than others, because they believe such child will have a brighter future and bring glory and honour to their family.

When a child is smart, He will do well in his academic pursuits and will give his parents peace of mind, they will not be scared of sending him or her to a better school, and spend a lot of money, because they know that their money will not be wasted.

A child that is not smart will never makes his parents proud, in fact, some parents look down on such child, and may believe he or she can not amount to anything in life, which is actually not true though, but a smart child is really good.

The future of your child in that aspect is really in your hand, with your response to the situation. You can make your child become smart and smarter than his mates by doing these six things that I listed below.

Things to do to make your child become smart and intelligent

Even if you and your partner are not that smart and intelligent, you can still have smart children, if you don’t base your beliefs on inheritance and do these six things.

Good balance diet

Allow your child to always drink milk and make sure he/she is taking a well balance diet, as these will sharpen his/her brain and will not be forgetting things easily.

One of the characteristics of a smart child, is ability to remember whatever they are thoughts, see or feel, so if you want your child to be smart, you have to make sure they are taking the right food at the right time.

Limit television’s time

Don’t allow your child to spend too much time watching television, although it is good to allow them to have fun, but limit the time they spend on watching television, so that it will not affect their brain.

When a child is having too much in his head, He will not be able to distinguished between the one to take to heart, and the one that is not relevant.

Children can easily digest what they are seeing to their brain, than what anyone is teaching them, so if you allow them to be spending too much time on television, that is what will be in their memory.

Read with your child

Let your child sees seriousness in you, don’t just force them to go and read, without monitoring them. Read with them, let them see reading as a habit, not a work, by doing it with them.

Many children will be doing another thing, when you ask them to go and read their books, reading is very good to their brain, just as exercise is to our body, so if you want your child to be reading, read with him or her.

Put them to bed early

Allow your children to be sleeping in time, so that they can have a peaceful rest, inadequate sleep can cause even an adult, to be forgetful of something quickly, and same thing happen in children, if they also don’t have enough time to sleep during the night.

Be openly affectionate

Children needs to be loved and cares for, not only in the corner of our room, but also in public place, as this will give them boldness, because a child that doesn’t have boldness will see no reason to remember things, because he knows that he will not be able to say it out to people.

Be openly affectionate to your children, and praise them when they do well and make you happy.

Play with your child

Let always create time to play with our children, that will show them how close we are to them, and when we tell them to do things or ask them questions, they will be able to answer us.

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I am Odunayo, a graduate of mass communication at Osun state polytechnics Iree, I am a mother of two lovely Children, a script writer and a content writer. I believe that the beauty of this life does not depends on how happy I am, but on how happy others can be because of me, so I always make sure my contents add value to anyone that is reading them.

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