About me

Hi, I am Odunayo Oyekunle.

I believe in the beauty of life, yes I mean the beauty of life which does not depends on how happy you are but on how happy others can be because of you.

My focus is mainly on how we can add values to our life and Make our environment a better place to live in, how we can get that inner and everlasting joy which can simply not be derived from riches, beauty or intelligent alone.

Many people, either the rich or the poor lack peace of mind and this inner joy that we are talking about because they only care about their own well being, how they will put on good clothes, ride big cars,eat good foods and have a great family without bothering about the welfare of people around them. It is when you cares for others that you will have peace of mind, remember the world is never free of troubles for anyone but when you know the purpose of living by influencing others positively then you will forget all the troubles of the day.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Sir Winston Churchill

This blog is here to offer us the knowledge we need to increase our financial status, cope with happenings in our society and help us with the right orientation that we need to make it in life. I was born and brought up in a very low I mean extremely poor family but I refuse to let my background put my back on the ground. It will not just happen in a day, life is in stages and if you take your time to learn when you are on your way to the top, you will have a lot of stories to tell people around you.

Do you have anything that is bothering you on your business, your home, your school or how to deal with the environment you meet yourself, Hodunayourblog is the best place to visit.

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