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6 effective remedies to stop snoring

If you are the type that always snoring; you must have definitely notice some hatred around you and people not want to sleep near you.

Snoring can create a serious problem in marriage. It is not easy to have a pleasant sleep while someone is beside you snoring.

Some people’s snoring can be so bad , that people living next door will be complaining. Your partner can live room for you, if you refuse to find solution to it; because nobody likes to be disturbed; especially in bed.

Many people are seeing snoring as a bad habit that can not be controlled; whereas it is not. There is something that lead to it; which if it can be stopped, then snoring will stop.

I was talking about is effect on marriage. We all believe marriage is for better for worse; that a partner should be able to endure ordinary snoring from his/her lover; but do we know that deprivation of sleep can make one to be moody or angry unnecessarily during the day?.

There is no problem without solution; unless we don’t know what the solution is.

Causes of snoring

It is not everybody that use to snore; which means there are some things that are causing it. As said earlier; if that thing can be controlled then snoring will stop.

One of the major causes of snoring is Obesity; some people even believe its only fat people that snore; but it is not.

Too much of alcohol, smoking, block air ways, sleep deprivation and catarrh are also some of the causes of snoring.

How to stop snoring

Avoid alcohol

Taking alcohol; especially during the night can makes you snore; not only because you will sleep anyhow; but also because you can not control yourself.

Alcohol always take control of heart and body; so even if you don’t use to snore in a normal time, you will likely snore when you are drunk; and if you use to snore before, stay away from alcohol.

Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water; especially before you sleep at night. This will helps cool your body and you will have a smooth sleep; because too much stress can also cause snoring; so you need to make sure you have enough fluids in your system before sleeping.

By staying hydrated also; you will not be able to sleep too deep; you will be adjusting your breathing whenever you want to start snoring.

Sleep on your side

Even if you are not fat, not smoking or do anything that can makes you snore; if you sleep on your back; you will likely snore. Because you will not be able able to control your breathing; and as a result you will be having a block air ways.

It is very good to sleep on your side so that you will not snore. You can try to use something to block yourself from rolling around on your bed; so you will not end up sleeping on your back.

Loose weigh

Being too big is one of the reason many people snore. If you are fat and you are snoring; get rid of that fat first and you will find yourself sleeping like a baby.

Adding too much weight in little time will also makes one to be snoring; because of the sudden change that your body its not prepare for.

Stop smoking

We all know what smokes can cause if we mistakenly inhale too much of it; not to talk of someone that is smoking. If you are a smoker and you are snoring, stop smoking and you will not snore again.

Avoid stress

When you work too much in the day; and you get so tired, you are likely to snore when you sleep, because of the stress. Don’t overstressed yourself, if you don’t want to snore.

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