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It is the dream of every employees, to be liked by their boss, and be seeing as their company’s backbones, but it is not that easy, since you are not the only one working for your company.

Before you can become someone that your boss can not do without, someone your company can not afford to loose, you really have a lot to do, because that is what all other employees also want.

You need to do an extraordinary things to become an extraordinary person.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of being your boss favorite employee, and see if it really worth the stress.

Benefits of being your boss favorite employee

One of the top benefits of being your boss favorite employee is that, your job will be secured, you won’t be scaring of receiving a sudden sack letter.

Unlike others, who the boss can just replace with anyone that needs a job, perhaps a relative or close friends, even if your employer’s neighbour needs a job, they can easily be sacked, because they are not valued by them.

If you are your boss favourite, you don’t need to be scared of being sacked, because you already know that, even if its going to happen, you will be notify and be prepared.

Another benefit of being your boss favorite is that, you will have peace of mind, you won’t find it difficult to express yourself to your boss or other employees, and you will be able to do your job without being panicked.

How to become your boss favorite employees

Don’t be scared

Remember your boss is also a human being like you, so to be their favorite, you need not to fear your boss, nobody likes to be a monster. To be scared of your boss will make him feel bad and sees you as an incompetent employee.

He or she will sees you as someone that is not serious with your job, because you are not bold, and this is true because if you are competent enough, you will be bold enough to face your employer anytime, anywhere.

This is the mistake that many employee makes, some people, even with their level of education and intelligent, they keep getting sacked from one job to another, because they always sees their employer as a monster that needs to be scared of, they lack the boldness to face them and deliver their job.

Do your job with passion

Allow your boss to see your passion for the job, don’t only follow protocol always, do the job with passion, give your boss a new idea that will move the company forward. Be passionate with everything you are doing for the company, treat the company the way you will do, if you are to be the owner. Be genuine in everything you are doing.

Let your boss sees how much you love your job

By always ready to do everything in your capacity to move the company forward, your employer will sees that you really love your job. Try to always contribute to anything that will bring growth to the company. Don’t do it because of your salary or because you don’t want to be sacked, be selfless in whatever you do for the company.

You may think nobody sees you but your employer is really watching, and that will makes you stand out among other employees.

Appreciate your boss

Always show appreciation to your boss, appreciate him or her for creating the company and for employing you in the first place.

Frequently buy them gifts, celebrate their special days with them and appreciate any little kind gestures from them, by doing these, you will be noticed by your boss and will become someone they can not resist.

Give your boss reasons to trust you

If you are trustworthy, people will trust you, be faithful in everything you are doing for the company, so that your employer can feel relaxed because you are the one handle a particular work.

One thing that many employer consider when employing someone is their integrity, even if they can’t be sure in the first place whether you are faithful or not, they will live some things in your care to test you, so always be faithful and honest with your employer and you will gain his/her heart.

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I am Odunayo, a graduate of mass communication at Osun state polytechnics Iree, I am a mother of two lovely Children, a script writer and a content writer. I believe that the beauty of this life does not depends on how happy I am, but on how happy others can be because of me, so I always make sure my contents add value to anyone that is reading them.

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