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If you are following what people are saying concerning AdSense approval, you may likely not want to make attempt to apply at all.

AdSense approval is not a dream that can not come to pass, and you don’t need to over stress yourself, or spend much money before your site can be approved, in fact you don’t need to spend any money.

When I started my first blog, I wanted to make money as soon as possible, because of my financial situation, I don’t even have money to run adverts, or to give any expert to help me.

I began to look for a way out. I read many posts online, telling me how difficult it is to get AdSense approval. With that in mind, I started looking for Adsense alternative, which seems not to be as trustworthy as AdSense.

I tried some of them, but none works for me, so I decided to wait and try my best to get AdSense approval.

Many of us believe that its only AdSense approval that is difficult to get, but it is not. In my own case, a site that was disapproved by others ads network; which people called AdSense alternative, was approved by AdSense. Isn’t that amazing?.

When my site was rejected by some of this ads network, I felt so disappointed, but I didn’t let that weigh me down, instead, I started looking for a way to get AdSense approval.

Fortunately for me, It was approved the very first time I apply and I was so surprise on why people make it seems so hard, but I thought to myself may be they also don’t know what AdSense really wants.

If you have been trying to get AdSense approval, but it seems impossible, follow the simple steps below and you will be approved in no time.

Three things to do to get AdSense approval

15 original contents

Original contents means your own post, a post that is not copy from anywhere or from anybody. Have at least 15 original posts, not less than 600 words and don’t use a copyright picture on your blog, there are many website that can give you a non- copyright image for free.

Pages and menu

Create all the necessary pages, like privacy policy, term of service, contact us and about me, as this will show AdSense that you care about your visitors. You also need to have a menu button on your site.

You can generate a term of service and privacy policy for your site using plugin if you are using WordPress and for blogspot, you can generate it online.

Close to 500 views

My first blog was approved with just 425 views, 3 comments and no like.

Pls don’t let anyone scares you away, as long as you are posting original contents and have all the necessary pages, you will be approved, just make sure your site is not down during the time of application till you get their response.

It doesn’t matter how long your site is, or how many visitors you are having in a day, if you don’t have original content and the necessary pages on your blog, you can’t be approved.

Pls share your thoughts if you find these helpful.

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I am Odunayo, a graduate of mass communication at Osun state polytechnics Iree, I am a mother of two lovely Children, a script writer and a content writer. I believe that the beauty of this life does not depends on how happy I am, but on how happy others can be because of me, so I always make sure my contents add value to anyone that is reading them.

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